MADAGASCAR - 21 DAYS - JULY 6 to JULY 26/2019

VIETNAM - 19 DAYS - NOV 2 to NOV 20/2019


BALI - 15 DAYS - APRIL/2020

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Customized Group Trips

It is becoming more and more evident that generations are starting to appreciate experiences and travel, ahead of possessions.  Living a meaningful, happy life is about creating, sharing and capturing memories earned through experiences that span the spectrum of life’s opportunities.  Why not get the exact journey you desire.

Living Free Range can plan and organize fully customized trips for private groups to any destination.  Living Free Range will take care of all the logistics, leaving you time to enjoy your experience.  With your group, decide where you want to travel, the style you wish and the type of experience you are interested in.  Living Free Range will personally work with your group and research locations that will fit your needs. 

Where do you want to go?


Want to plan your own 'Independent' trip but don’t have quite enough time or knowledge to figure out all the details? Martin has extensive travel experience and knowledge of over 60 countries around the world.  He can help you plan your itinerary and suggest the best way to handle logistics. 

What Martin provides is advice on specific locations based on his experience traveling in different countries.  Many travel agents can give you advice on what they have read, or what information is available to them, without setting foot in these countries.  Martin's actual first-hand experience traveling can be invaluable to help decide where to go, and planning your upcoming trip.  Sometimes travel agents can be influenced by partnerships they have, or rewards they receive.  Martin is truly unbiased, and is advising from real-life experiences which could ultimately save you money and enhance your adventure.

Email or call for a complimentary initial consultation

$250 CAD/$200 USD Package

Includes two proposed itinerary options based on your discussed preferences from the consultation.  These itineraries will include suggested length of time to stay in each specific location and recommended things to see and do in each location.  The itineraries will include a recommended area/zone/region to stay in at each location.  LFR will also provide possible tours/day trips that you can take to specific sights in that area.  Suggested methods of transport between each of the locations on the itinerary will be based on what will give you the best experience and what fits with your time constraints. 

This cost is based on a 1-15 day itinerary.  Longer itineraries will be at additional cost.

$300 CAD/$240 USD for 16-20 Day itinerary

$350 CAD/$280 USD for 21-25 Day itinerary


$500 CAD/$400 USD Package

In addition to the items listed above (in the $250 CAD/$200 USD Package), this package includes 3 specific hotel recommendations based on your requirements, to choose from in each location on your trip.  LFR will also supply you with specific recommendations on tour companies to use for day trips, or multi-day trips in each location based on your desired tours.  You will receive recommendations on what to pack for your trip based on the location.  Additional regional travel tips and recommendations on what to organize/arrange before you travel will also be included. 

This cost is based on a 1-15 day itinerary.  Longer itineraries will be at additional cost.

$600 CAD/$480 USD for 16-20 Day itinerary

$700 CAD/$560 USD for 21-25 Day itinerary


Other advisory fees are based on a per hour basis.

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Martin made my trip fantastic and I am not sure if I could travel the “regular” way ever again.  This was my first time to travel so far away from home, and I have to say I was nervous.  That didn’t last for long though as Martin took such good care of me, and planned everything right down to the minor details, so I could enjoy my experience to the maximum.  My tour of Bali and Malaysian Borneo was everything I could have dreamt of.  Martin catered my trip to include the special items I would enjoy.  I tried so many new experiences and he was there to make everything run smoothly.   I would highly recommend Martin and his skills to anyone wanting to experience travel in an amazing way.  He’s the best.

~Lorraine, Canada

Martin was kind and patient while I planned my "round the world trip" in January, 2016. I was nervous and unsure of not having an exact plan in place prior to leaving. Planning a trip like this takes a lot of time to make the correct decisions on where to stay, how long to stay and what to do while you are in each location. Martin has traveled the world for extended periods of time and was gracious to share his vast knowledge and experiences with me as I planned where I was going.

Among his many recommendations, one carried me unexpectedly to the island of Koh Lanta, Thailand where I ended up spending 6 days enjoying exactly what he told me to expect. He helped me with where to stay and what "specifically" to do in Cambodia and Thailand, and I will never forget this trip of a lifetime! Thank you Martin Callum

~Marilea, Canada